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Alicia Trautwein

Creator behind The Mom Kind

Alicia Trautwein is an Autism Parenting coach, the Host of The Autism Parenting Podcast, and the Creator behind The Mom Kind. Alicia is a mother of four and a strong advocate for autism awareness. With an approachable and supportive attitude, Alicia addresses stigmas and stereotypes against autism by using her website and Instagram to coach parents on the most effective ways to support autistic children.

Though Alicia is native to the greater St. Louis Area (both born and currently living there), she spent most of her childhood in Mississippi. Picked on and bullied often for her speech and small size, Alicia was very content with her small circle of friends. Unaware of her own differences, one major thing she learned from her parents was to never treat anyone differently based on disability, skin tone, or any other difference. To only judge by the character of their heart.

With her father being fully blind her entire life, she learned quickly the meaning of hard work. Her mom was a SAHM and did all the driving, while her dad worked 40 hours a week in a factory for the blind. She remembers teaching her little brother the only thing that dad couldn’t do was drive a car, but that’s not that he wouldn’t try if he could!

When Alicia’s little brother was born, she was already going into her teenage years. Though autism was starting to become a topic of discussions in the late 90s, it wasn’t well known. Though her brother did not receive his diagnosis until much later, watching her brother’s development delays really affected her. Even more so, the struggle her mother had trying to find him resources and the struggles they still have to this day. It is from these early years in her life that her mission to make a difference in autistic individuals and their families lives comes from.

While working as a restaurant manager, Alicia worked hand-in-hand with local organizations to employee young autistic adults in her stores. To this day, she stays in contact with many of these same employees due to the impact they made on her life and her on theirs. During this time, she spent her time working to get her own children properly diagnosis. Though they had been seeing doctors since age two, her middle two daughters both received their autism diagnosis late, at ages 8 and 11. This was after her son had received his diagnosis just weeks and months before at age 23 months.

From this huge discrepancy in the understanding of autism in girls, along with the lack of information available to parents of multiple autistic children, Alicia decided to take a more active role in the Autism Community. Tackling topics such as meltdowns, behavioral issues, emotional dysregulation, and support the parents, Alicia has supported and inspired countless families of autistic children.

Because autism is a common condition in her family—affecting herself, her brother, and three of her children—Alicia is a phenomenal role model and credible source who helps families thrive.