Our Programs

Solutions for peaceful, productive Homes, Schools and Communities

Does the whole world seem to be fragmented, disconnected and turbulent? Do you notice in your home, schools, workplace or community a sense of un-ease wherever you go? As a parent, teacher or professional do the current demands on you and your children make life feel out of your control? Are you or someone you know acting out in possible harmful ways from these social and emotional issues? More importantly, do you realize the impact this has on families and children? According to the CDC, 1-in-5 youth meet criteria for a lifetime mental disorder. (Should we add an adult statistic?)

Our communities are not set up to handle this growing trend. In homes we know parents and kids are feeling overwhelmed and lack connection due to the constant demands of work and school with no time or resources to calm the chaos and reconnect to healthy, fun family relationships. In schools and in the workplace, there are often not enough human resources or money to mitigate the growing prevalence of behavioral, emotional and developmental needs for children, or to address the stress induced physical or mental dis-ease in adults.

Mindfulness Practices can help.

Our programs integrate mindful breath and movement practices, to assist parents, educators, children and community partners in developing states of well-being and the capacity to:

Manage emotions
Self-regulate the Nervous System
Direct attention with purpose
Teach and lead with compassion
Connect to others through kindness
Cultivate positive mindsets for positive outcomes
Develop Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
Learn and Live with greater ease

Through our implementation model we help:

Understand the research behind the practices and the relationship to learning and behavior

Utilize and share proven and practical tools of breath, movement and mindfulness

Easily integrate the practices into the (already packed) work/home/school day to create optimal environments for living, learning, working and leading to create positive outcomes and reach the fullest potential in all experiences.

Sustain a culture of living and learning mindfully, with greater awareness, presence and ease.

Our model empowers everyone to become part of the solution to cultivate peaceful homes, successful learning environments and productive workplaces and, a sense of well-being for the whole community.

Parents and children, teachers and students, co-workers and colleagues who practice together, succeed together in co-creating calm, peaceful and more focused internal states of being and external environments.

It may seem simple, but it’s not easy. This is NOT a “once and done” model. The integration and adoption of these tools becomes sustainable through a tiered model of implementation. It works on creating change within the home, school, workplace and community by first creating change within every individual who participates. We help you create calmer living, learning and working environments by teaching you the tools to create a peaceful mind and body which leads to compassionate interaction with self and others. Transformation happens from the inside out. We provide on-site support and follow-up, and mentorship/consultation programs to sustain and grow your mindful (r)evolution!